About Us

EveryQ is for you. A website for everyone in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community: singles, couples, youths, the mature, and families. This site puts information into the hands of the user community. It is a place where everyone can come together to interact, and share views.

You may ask yourself why EveryQ? Why not another site? Aren’t there currently sites that service segments of the LGBT community? Yes, that is true, but existing sites focus on one segment of our population to the exclusion of the others. As the next generation of online community, EveryQ is the one site where we can all go to enhance our lives.

An all-inclusive LGBT community website where members can find and post information, exchange ideas, create their own web site, join groups, upload music/video, chat and much more. This site is the first to bring the latest innovative internet community features to the LGBT community for knowledge exchange, event promotion, and communication.

EveryQ is a combination of concepts used in personal web presence; video/audio sharing; and web community groups. Like MySpace (TM) EveryQ content will be driven by users. In addition to these applications within the community, there are EveryQ functional areas. Subject matter experts manage the setup of their particular areas. EQ users contribute to the content through interaction and conversation.

The time for EveryQ is now. In our world of web driven communication we in the LGBT community need a venue to collectively share, exchange ideas on how to navigate some of the challenges we face and promote who and what we are. The visibility of the LGBT community has grown. Our civil rights are being recognized. Though we have many more hurdles to climb, the expression of our rights poses new challenges to our community. As we become more engaged with the population at large our needs and concerns have evolved. The development of EveryQ represents the natural progression of our community. Only together will we reach our goal of equality and true freedom for every member of our community everywhere around the world.

EveryQ is You.

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