Is sex directly on a first date? There's no question of right or wrong in these instances. That's a value judgment which reflects society's double standards on sex, particularly with regard to women. In addition, it is not going to look at the gender differences in procedure for sex which frequently dictates the problem.

In simple bald terms, for many men, sex is a form of release, which may or may not bring about any type of committed relationship. They see women because the vehicle for the release and expect, or otherwise hope, which a woman is going to surrender when the moment seems opportune. Especially when a relationship is the furthest thing from their mind, many retreat to avoid making any kind of commitment, because the very act would have coloured their view of that person, when they do get what they want. They hope you resist, although men want sex, yes. Whenever you surrender, you're thought to be 'easy'.


Alternatively, for many women, having sex is is actually a prelude to something else, to the potential for a lasting relationship. Sexual overtures may also be tied program personal appeal and the way women feels about herself. To become wanted and desired is really powerful, so few women can resist such seduction, particularly if men will attempt anything to get it. If that is all the man is interested in, he is simply responding to his need, not mine and any relationship is a two way process, i personally would not have sex on a first date because I believe that. Loving myself when i do, I am interested in what's beyond the sex. I had the confidence, self belief and feeling of security to face up to any advances, regardless of how persuasive the man. If she is not used to being affirmed on a regular basis or lack self-love, not every woman feels that self-confidence or assurance and sometimes, simply to be wanted and in fear of rejection, a woman will do something sexual which she might not have planned, especially.

If that person is not interested in you beyond the sex randki, or seems too keen to have it, despite your reservations, nothing much is likely to come from that, once the sex is over, a simple rule of thumb is, no matter how passionate one feels on the date. Anyone that really likes and respects you might delay until you really feel comfortable. But if you absolutely have sex on the date, resist the temptation to beat yourself up concerning this. We always do what we believe suits us in that particular moment, irrespective of the consequences. Our decisions have nothing with regards to anyone else's approval or disapproval, and hindsight is simply a tool for insecure people who live in regret.

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